Is your child struggling in school? Or bored by school?

Are you are homeschooling, and every day feels like a battle?

 Did you just remove your child from a school situation that was a poor fit, but you have no idea what to do next?

Was your child recently given a diagnosis of a learning disability?

Or has your child just lost some of the “spark” from when he or she was younger?



All children are hard-wired to be successful;

the trick is to help them discover their own unique skills and abilities

that will allow them to achieve their potential.



Joyful Learner Services, located in Contra Costa County, uses learning style assessments, in-depth consultations, and family interviews to come up with individualized plans for learning success for each unique child. We provide one-time educational consultations and various levels of on-going support to help your child rediscover the joy of learning.





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